It realy is just a matter of shorten 4 the inputs with 4 outputs to disable the matrix chip. Afterwards, when I got comfortable with the situation, I used BTWinCap’s manual installation package – when you edit the INF files – it’s also avaliable for download at the same place. But, anyways, no program will work correctly until you set up the drivers right. But a lot of time has passed since this was reported and few newer versions of DScaler appeared, so one would think they would fix this. Have you To see listings of these cards on ebay in a new window click here. I have previsiously selected the “video turner in”, because the card has composite and s video too The software from pinnacle fails to work with the btwincap drivers, wich is normal, because this means that i do not have the pinnacle drivers anymore, and it should also mean that the new BTwincap drivers were correctly installed

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Please help with btwincap drivers and WinTV…

No idea about Vista or Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Uninstall all Nvidia drivers on the start menu and Programs or using Windows and program files.


I would appreciate adicional help on this matter! Posted May 25, Hide search and browse box. Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don’t want! If you received it directly from the.

Downloads: BTWinCap WDM Driver x64 Installer (amd64-Win64)

Thanks in advance for your help. Allegedly, it happens if you have opened and closed DScaler, and afterwards open any app that accesses the installed drivers.

When using all 16 channels plug the additional Bttwincap onto the headers bearing in mind the first 4 are on the card. Why bother buying something new when this driver injected new life into my trusty old tuner card? What do you sugest me to do now?

Absolutely vital if the drivers that come with your capture card aren’t up to the task. The symptoms were similar to yours: You said there are plenty Philips chips on the board. Select btwinca model from the list and download the driver.

BTWinCap WDM Driver x64 Installer (amdWin64) – Downloads – Community Forum

It may not contain the latest versions. Btwincap drivers are WDM.

Like Rory I was able to get 1 input to work in an instance. Have you To bteincap listings of these cards on ebay in a new window click here. As the other person posted on the thread the issue is the crosspoint switch which has stymied ever other user I have ever seen trying to make it work. I’ve heard about it, and don’t know if it is true or not. Probably ok in 32 bit, and as mentioned XP.

New Drivers  DFE 530TX 5397 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

What does btwincap’s autodetect say? I don’t know for sure, haven’t tried it for capture recently.

It works only on bit Mac OS. Posted May 26, edited. And somewhat of a longshot. I tried open all source drivers by Btwinap but it shows only blue screen. Mine is a MTAP.

WDM Video Capture Driver Free Download

It doesn’t remember the station and you have to type or auto tune it every time you start the program. Ntwincap don’t know why. The Card works immediately! Some basic information about video capture and operating various software is faster, smarter and all around better capture interface into their WDM driver. Click to enlarge screenshot.