I’m very pleased with it, but would’ve liked to have paid a little less for it. Only for in house use, you can not use this product outside of your house. The only issue I’ve had with this fix is that I have to repeat the above steps every time Windows downloads and installs updates. For example, if the Belkin wireless network adapter driver is outdated, corrupted or missing, your desktop or laptop computer may encounter this or that issue, such as no Wi-Fi available , wireless adapter not showing up, etc. Worst I got was it dropped from 40ms to 60ms, and even that wasn’t all the time. I try pinging Google and it is losing all the packets again. I am shocked such a big company does not have appropriate software support.

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Other than that this is a one star or less for the average Windows user.

Belkin Wireles USB Adapter N F9lv1 | eBay

Jul 4, Messages: There is only one version of the driver, it’s the only version I have. Much easier than an internal installation.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled a half-dozen times, using either the original Belkin disc that contained Win7x64 drivers and also using Belkin’s driver update intended for Win 8. I thought I got a bad product, it happens, so I exchanged it.

New Drivers  TEL8139D XP DRIVER

On a side note Mon Oct 12, Trying to reinstall the driver from the Belkin CD also failed, with the error message disappearing the moment the mouse was moved after several tries, it turned out to be “driver not found”. Only the two cables from monitor to computer now.

f9l v1 Belkin N kext working for Mavericks – Tech Livewire

And with it working great from 1am to 3am well, great for over a monththen completely and reproducibly dying from 3am on, it is unlikely the trouble is caused by interference. Belkin N – network adapter. Sat Oct d9l1001v1, 9: East Bay of CA Registered: KocLobster, Jul 4, Add a Walmart Protection Plan. My best guess is something inside Windows 7 x64 Home network stack or something has gotten screwed up.

I was very pleased with the ease of loading, it plugs into a usb port, on my computer i had the choice of front or back, I chose the front. Go to the driver tab and click “update driver”.

Mar 26, Posts: Seeing as how the trouble doesn’t show up immediately, I went and tried my wife’s computer again, same process as before, and it took about 45 seconds before it started dropping all packets and netflix freezes.

So at this point, I’m thinking maybe this USB wireless adapter had blown. If I’m lucky, it will probably be the only sequel not to get the green light.


OK, a computer attached to the router by ethernet doesn’t loose any packets, even while streaming Netflix.

I had to put the password f9l1001f1 in, and I get a connection. The connection cuts out every 10 minutes when browsing the web. It has no active cooling fans so there was almost no dust inside of it.

(Sigh) Please help me with my wireless network connection trouble.

I didn’t even consider trying to ping the router. In both cases, at the point of installation when the adaptor is plugged into the USB, nothing happens. Rebels, Sep 28, F9L and here is the fix I’ve used time and again on Windows Glad it works for now.

I would love to hear from anyone who has a Belkin N Wifi stick, who has successfully “held onto” its driver in Win Looking at the Belkin N, it seems fairly low scale.

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